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Gallery includes pyrography (wood burnings) and drawings.

** Wood Burnings are for sale ** Free personalization offered (text added according to available space, and free felt inside boxes)

 To contact me about ordering a wood burning, or request a custom wood burning please fill out the contact form HERE



Hello, and thank you for visiting my Art Webpage.

On this page I've displayed some of my resent art work, that are also available for purchase.  If you are interested in buying a piece please go to the Contact page and send a message to me.  I will get back to you as soon as possible. Prices vary due to the type of wood, size and time spent on each piece. 

Once an item is purchased, I will then personalize it with a name/names or short text upon the customer's request, and finish it off with a protective  satin coat, so all items currently displayed for sale are 99% done, unless specified. I will do these finishing touches at no additional cost.  Each image in the Wood Burnings folder will indicate if they are available for sale, or if they are unavailable/sold.

Pyrography is a new hobby for me; I began on February 20th 2012, so please visit often for new content as I add new pieces to my gallery, and hopefully gain new skills in the art.  All pieces are dated and numbered according to which piece I did first and continued from there. 

When doing a custom piece, I price my work at $20 an hr for drawing and burning, timed with a stopwatch for accuracy, and do the staining and finishing touches for free. If a piece is already done and in my gallery, I include free personalization, if you want names or a quote to be added. Burnings usually take me anywhere from 2hrs-10hrs depending on the size and surface area being burned.   I also charge for the wood cost that can range from $1-$20. I charge $6-$15 depending on the size for shipping and if it costs less I include the change in your package (I charge true shipping cost).

So, please enjoy what I currently have on display, and contact me if you are interested in purchasing a finished piece or would like a personalized piece done. I will work with you to created ideas if you have something new in mind.  If you have a specific request you can email me to discuss it, and I will let you know if I can accomplish it for you, and share more details.  I want you to be 100% satisfied with an order, so I will email you a photo of the burning before you pay and I deliver.

If you would like to purchase a drawing or an image you have in mind such as a drawing of photo of portraits you have I would be happy to consider that as well. Please view my Drawings page for samples of my work.  Most drawings displayed were done between 2006-2008.  I just recently retouched them in photoshop to enhance the pictures of the drawings I did.  I don't have most of my original drawings any more, so I don't have them to sell, but do plan to do more for purchase in the near future.  I took a long break from art but I'm back into it with a new medium. Enjoy ^_^

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