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 Hi, this is Dr Michael Cotton founder of Higher Brain Living®. Click on the video below to find out about Higher Brain Living®’s opportunity and to listen to my personal invitation to join us at one of our next live events. If you are unable to attend any of those events, make sure to enter your contact information on the side to receive our complementary online training.


Expand your Current Practice or Start a New Career!

Join us and experience the power of Higher Brain Living® System. This event will give you the tools you need to have a Thriving business as a Chiropractor, Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Psychologists or Body Worker, or start a new career without any previous experience! You will see the transformation power of transfer of energy from the primal brain to the higher brain with clients LIVE! You will hear life altering testimonials from actual clients who used the Higher Brain Living® method to help them with:

- fear and phobia 
- weight concerns
- depression
- addictions
- self esteem and inhibition
- back pain
- headaches
- Relationships issues
- Stress management
- and much more

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Combine purpose and passion while changing lives, and be part of a team and community that is changing the world.

Higher Brain Living® not only promotes healing in body, mind, and spirit but more importantly energizes the highest part of the brain and helps humanity thrive in all dimensions of their lives. It creates the physiological change in the brain that allows real and lasting change to occur, complementing other healing modalities like no other practice before it. This is a major breakthrough in personal transformation and you can be on the leading edge!

Opportunity: Find out how to open an AWAKEN HIGHER BRAIN LIVING Center:
Open your own “Awaken Higher Brain Living® Center” and earn up to $300K annually while shifting humanity from lower brain to Higher Brain Living®! The investment to open a center is very minimal, and this is a purpose driven movement to change the world.

The world needs Higher Brain Living® now!

I’ll see you in our next live event!

Dr. Michael Cotton


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